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Cottonelle Care Routine

   Anytime I am trying something unfamiliar with my family, I always do a little research on the product, and when it come to the Cottonelle Cleansing Wipes I made no exceptions. Though Cottonelle is a household name I felt as if the clothes were something new. This product/promotion was treated as if it was any other, which included page after page and website after website of reading to start. At the end of “my search for truth” I came to one conclusion…..the Clothes are SAFE. They are actually flushable, alcohol free, sewer and septic safe and pre moistened as well.
   Next was the “put them to the test” test lol. I decided to do this the week of Christmas so as I could try them out on not only my family but my holiday visitors as well for more feedback. And we had SEVERAL of these this years as always. Needless to say that within the first 4-5 days the complementary package of clothes that accompanied my dispenser where gone and we had to buy a replacement pack already. I will admit up until this point, I had no ideal how much “going” was really going on in my home. At the end of weeks end I heard several responses concerning this product, and they were all about the same….cooling, refreshing, clean, and great smelling. There was only one negative comment/question if you will, and that was why the dispenser did not come heated lol. All in all this was a great product, one that my family will continue using. Thank you Cottonelle…and our bums thank you as well.

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Zero to Hero day 3…2 ….1

Why did I start writing/ blogging???For the same reason I am sure we all have. For no real reason but in the same sentence to share our thoughts. To see what others may think, or not think when it comes to our views, our words, our lives, but to do it safely, behind the screen, with the fear of failing still, yet leaving the option to publish or delete. I am the same as any other, I have a story, thoughts, passions, ideals….however do I dare share them and take that risk of being judged? Deciding that I would perhaps like to wonder into the world of the blogger, the safest way to share….our words behind the screen, behind the person.

Its me….just lil ole me

ImageI shall start this as I would any other introduction….Hi I am Wendie 🙂 Now that the tuff part is done, My name is Wendie Pittman, well actually last name is Bonds as of November 4th. I just can not get used to a new last name. At the age of 40, I have had the other one for quite some time as you can see. Not sure how indepth I should take this on my 1st blog. I am 40, I have 3 children ages 23,22 and 21, and 3 grandchildren ages 3. 1 1/2 and 7 weeks. As a woman I have had issues through out my life as any other, divorce (I got a cheating and violent husband the 1st go around, and it lasted 19 yrs, after getting married at the age of 15), trying to find myself again etc. but as a mother I have had the same as any other and then some. 2 of my 3 children were hit by a drunk driver the end of 2007. My youngest Justin was in a coma for 4 months, has had 5 brain surgeries, his left and right frontal lobes of the brain REMOVED, was in Brooks rehab 6 months to learn to walk, talk and anything starting at the very basics of life all over again(he was 14 when this happened) and my daughter Chelsea who was age 15 then was in the accident as well though not as severe still suffered permanent damage just like her brother and has issues with the brain still, and like him always will ( that is the short of the story and I leave it there for now, but the details include how I was 4 hrs away when it happened on a job interview, the phone call I got that my son would not make it until I returned, giving verbal permission to do brain surgeries  without me there and the list could continue. Then there’s my oldest, Josh. He is in jail at this time for taking my truck (that I just made my 2nd payment on) and joyriding. That is until the police tried to pull him over and he decided to “go for it” now he is in jail and the truck is in the junkyard totaled…did I mention I had just made the 2nd payment lol. So when I way my personal levels of womanhood versus motherhood…that is a toss up on the more difficult of the 2.  So now at the ripe age of 40 I am “starting to live” if you will. I figured the first 40 years of my life was full of lessons and experiences that filled me with knowledge and wisdom, so the next 40 years I am “starting to live”. I want to write, to teach others about my experiences, to learn of theirs, I want to experience life, people, places even products. Experience them, review them, write of them and share ALL of them. I want to become a household name. “The writer of life, at age 40, just now…”starting to live”