Hi Im Wendie

I am Wendie, your average, friendly, neighborhood mother..and shopper……DID I SAY SHOPPER lol. After many years of throwing money away on those useless products, that take up more room in the kitchen trash than they are worth, those late night commercials that make you think…”if I only had that my life would be so much easier” just to find out after purchase that some one in advertising deserves a raise, someone who owns anything ever advertised “as seen on tv” …well you get my point..if they have made it I have purchased it. I feel my duty now is to save you from the same grief heartache, letdown, and disappointment that many including myself have experienced to many times to count. I will be reviewing, testing and blogging about several varies products everyday in hopes to bringing some insight into your life BEFORE that hard earned money is wasted…and at the same time introducing you to some very worth wild products that are truly A MUST HAVE and worth every penny


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